Israel strikes Gaza: Knock for Lapid’s election plan?
Israel strikes Gaza: Knock for Lapid’s election plan?

Israel strikes Gaza: Knock for Lapid’s election plan?


Bennet’s Resignation paved the way for reelection in Israel. This would be the fifth political race in four years. Following the political battle between Yair Lapid and Netanyahu, it is an exceedingly pivotal time for both opposing parties. Consequently, the two rivalries are endeavoring their level best to acquire as much political mileage as needed to win the impending election. The two opponents are utilizing conventional tools like monetary and educational issues, nationalist sentiments, combating extremism, corruption, and inflation for grabbing voters. For right-left divided Israel, this now has become mandatory to get over the crippled leadership.

Israel’s government possesses a history of engaging anti-Gaza sentiments of jew majority to serve their own political purposes. Previously, Netanyahu got a handle on the strategy of “showing no resilience to terrorist entities” for his electoral camp, that killed large number of Palestinians. A similar strategy was used by his rival politician and previous IDF General Benny Gantz, who snatched the opportunity of self-promotion from his tactical achievements during his military service. A video showing his dauntlessness in attacks against Gaza was released in electoral campaigns. While this time, the acting prime minister Yair Lapid had the reins in his grasp, and he completely benefitted from this open door by manipulating the defense dilemma. The general election in Israel is expected to begin in November, and Lapid’s administrated government has not avoided applying terrorist propaganda to steadily activate their elector base.

The propensity of making false claims and politicizing security deterrence is nothing new. The staggering 3-day series of attacks on the Gaza strip reminded me of the Balakot air strike and sham promulgation of Pulwama attack. The grimy tricks of these politicians to secure their mass support leads to kill innocents. Just before the elections in India, Modi administration planted Pulwama incident and promoted himself as a hero by retaliating in the name of wasted air strikes in Balakot region, obliterating nothing but few trees. Providentially, there were no causalities in Pakistan’s case but Yair Lapid’s so-called operation “Breaking Dawn” killed more than 40 people including innocent children, on Gaza’s soil. Taking into account the significance of this operation, it could have played a crucial role in changing popular opinion to 180 degrees. Yair’s ability to control Israel’s security concern was in question. Mr. Lapid has started thumping his chest over this self-serving operation as this is a practical portrayal of his activeness in security domain of Israel.

This is the same old thing for Israel to play this counterterror card and appeal to the anti-Muslim sentiments of Jews in Israel. The promoters of Yesh Atid continue to actuate violence against Muslims and cheer on the military confrontation that can only aggravate the regional crisis. Gazans are confronting an outrageous medical and socioeconomic crisis at the hands of Israeli security forces. Not long after the international media included the fresh insight of children killed, Israel now concocted another “false accusation”. Israeli media is now claiming of the Islamic Jihadi group is accountable for killing those children. As indicated by them, it was a misfire by Islamic jihad fighters. Moreover, Severe backlash from the pro-Israel media lobby is depriving Gaza of International support.

Akin to these examples, this uncommon tactic of political leaders to garner support by means of counterterror measures is trailed by President Biden too. The assassination of Ayman Al-Zawahiri right before the elections in the US is another concrete instance of politicizing fear-mongering as a part of their election campaign. Looking it from Biden’s angle, this measure was necessary for the sake of securing an additional four-year term. Following the hyped debate of Republicans Vs democrats, Biden set up himself as a great leader that remains steadfast in the face of terror.

Attaining a political tone on a certain issue is understandable yet utilizing it for self-promotion and killing innocents to grab voters is not. such a fierce strategy of fueling extreme nationalism can escalate civil or international wars.

On the whole, the Lapid drove administration has made advantage of this military operation against Gazans and the security threat for Israel to conceal clauses in their policies. But some way or another this brutal tactic has failed gravely. There is a negligible change in voters’ opinions for upcoming elections. Despite the fact, that there is appreciation circulated for Lapid on mass media platforms, for handling this so-called terror threat. But that still didn’t bring out a positive change in Lapid’s election campaign.


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Maryam Baloch

Written by Maryam Baloch

Maryam Baloch is a graduate in the field of International Relations from National Defence University Islamabad. Her areas of interest include counterterrorism, big data politics, and Pakistan-India relations. She can be reached at

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