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As the Chief Editor of Global Affairs, it is an honour to present the February edition of Volume X for our esteemed audience. This is now the 10th successful year of Global Affairs. My team and I have put our heart and souls to this edition and we hope you find it informative and engaging. This month’s title is dedicated to 61st Independence day of Kuwait which was celebrated under the Emir of the state Kuwait Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmed. This edition has a healthy blend of stories pertaining to various categories including, diplomacy, opinion, current affairs, business politics. This edition covers the latest development in the context of the challenges of the business world in the voice of young entrepreneurs, Afghanistan reopens Key trade routes TO Strengthen bilateral ties with Pakistan, meanwhile Blinken visits central Asia to boost ties amid Russia-Ukraine War. It is my pleasure to present the April 2023 edition which is the fourth edition of Volume X of Global Affairs successfully marking the 10 years of publication. This month’s title is dedicated to Pakistan Resolution Day, the 23rd of March, The Lahore Resolution was passed in 1940 and it resonates the spirit of Pakistani nationalism, the essence of Pakistan and the foundations on which Pakistan was made, it reminds us the sacrifices of our forefathers during partition and gives us the reflection of what the true face of Pakistan should have been 75 years down the line. Pakistan’s Aurat march was the sixth march in last six years, where a new year dawned but it had new challenges for our women who protested for their rights in scorching heat.

Australia’s former favorite Muslim Mohammad Tawhidi is seeing an explosion in his popularity and prestige abroad particularly in the U.S., however the Imam was exposed as a fraud six years ago. This edition also includes a telling feature which discusses why the international women’s day is important as it is celebrated every year on March 8. Meanwhile China’s parliament backs XI Jinping for third term as President. Former Malaysian PM Muhyyidin Yassin has denied wrongdoing and described charges against him as a political hunt witch hunt. On the other front, Paraguay’s Presidential Race could determine the future of Taiwan’s presence in South America.

Whereas, Xi Jinping’s personal investment in Sino-Russian relations could produce an outcome contradictory to a purely interests-based assessment. Analysts say that, China brokering a deal between longtime Gulf rivals is ‘a broader sign of a changing global order’. Ex-president is offered a chance to testify before a grand jury over alleged payment of hush money to adult actress. While, US Treasury Department says 39 entities granted Iran access to the international financial system.

Whereas, Turkey mends ties with Greece and Armenia. This edition also includes interesting articles and opinions such as, Israeli ruling fascists are working to unleash greater state and settler violence on the Palestinians and, in the process, are transforming Israel into a fascist garrison. How Moscow squandered its power and influence.

Ukraine: “Preparation” of a peace process is proposed by a German expert. Meloni insists on the EU’s immigration decisions and talks about European solidarity. Elon Musk is working for Tesla for free. North Korea fires two missiles, which is their second test in three days. Furthermore, in other development, China foreign minister urges solution to Ukraine war in rare call, Iran and Belarus sign cooperation roadmap.

US, allies unveil nuclear-powered submarine plan for Australia to counter China ambitions. Educational articles on Global Debate on Women Rights in Afghanistan. FinTech Pakistani Apps Make Their Mark on the Global Stage. Debates about Islamic Reforms loom as Ramadan begins. EU makes Space Strategy for Security and Defense to ensure a stronger and more resilient EU. Middle East China Grows to Be an Unavoidable Influence in the Middle East. The edition includes opinion pieces on Saudi crown Prince balancing on Saudi-US & Israeli-Iranian tightrope and much more.

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Ch. Shahzad Akhtar
Chief Editor

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