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It is my pleasure to present the January 2023 edition which is the first edition of Volume X of Global Affairs successfully marking the 10 years of publication. This month’s title is dedicated to COAS who has urged the nation to show consensus in order to steer out of the economic crisis and security challenges. The strategic challenges are also a pivotal part of the country’s current economical slump. The COAS was speaking as the Chief Guest at the Commissioning Parade of 118th Midshipmen and 26th Short Service Commission held at the Pakistan Naval Academy, in Karachi. Foreign Minister of Pakistan Bilawal responded vehemently to the Indian Terror Allegations in the United Nations meeting minutes after his Indian counterpart accused Pakistan of perpetuating terrorism. In another ground breaking development UN chief calls out Taliban Government, to end activities posing threat to Pakistan from Afghan soil. Moreover, The Chinese President Xi Jinping, visited Saudi Arabia on a three day official trip to impact Washington and Riyadh’s strained ties. Meanwhile, the US army launches space unit in South Korea to counter the threats posing against them. EU reaches agreement on overhauling the bloc’s carbon market, to reduce emissions and invest in climate-friendly technologies. In the world of Sports Messi lifts the world cup for Argentina for the first time since 1986. US secretary of State Antony Blinken called on political actors in Peru to ease tensions and pursue reconciliation. The second round of the national security committee \ convened and it reiterated its resolve to have zero tolerance for terrorism in Pakistan.

Furthermore, this edition, includes analytical articles and opinion, how Ghana Africa’s rising economy, ended up in economic turmoil, China accuses US of slander, hype after aircraft clash. North Korean leader Kim orders an exponential increase in North Korea’s nuclear armory. On the other, hand India and Pakistan have exchanged list of prisoners and nuclear facilities, Croatia adopts Euro currency in 2023, South Korea and USA plan joint Nuclear exercises, how South Korea plans to buy its counter-drone capabilities, NATO leader Colonel Roy Rockwell claims, Space force needs 7 years to fully mature, Russia blames Armenia for breakdown of Azerbaijan peace talks. Czech presidential elections are now underway as 8 candidates hope to replace Milos Zeman. Whereas the CIA Chief visits Libya after Lockerbie suspect handover, White House confirms more classified files pertaining to Biden, Israel and Russia’s gives signals of establishing closer ties, Former Crypto Titan Bankman-Fried claims that he didn’t steal funds, Who is Russia’s new Ukraine war commander??, Sweden discovers largest rare earth deposit in Europe, Dilemma of Pakistan’s Police, China’s population shrinks for first time in 60 years, Who is attending the World Economic Forum, General Qassem Soleimani Hero of Counter Terrorism and his fight against Islamophobia and much more.

Thank you for reading Global Affairs

Ch. Shahzad Akhtar
Chief Editor

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