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It is my pleasure to present the September 2023 edition which is the ninth edition of Volume X of Global Affairs successfully marking the 10 years of publication. This month’s title is dedicated to 76th year anniversary of Pakistan and Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar Ul Haq Kaakar has been sworn in as the nation celebrated independence day. It discusses important features such as “Is Netanyahu, Good for the Palestinians??, US president Biden says he will visit Vietnam shortly”. It includes articles such as, Assessing the China Georgia strategic partnership. This edition also includes, Afghanistan in China’s grand strategy. I am delighted to present the November 2023 edition which is the eleventh edition of Global Affairs successfully marking the 10 years of publication. This month’s title is dedicated to the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Turkey as republic which the celebrated in a sober fashion due to the war between Palestine and Israel.

Moreover, it is my pleasure to announce that the new dates for Sindh Premier League have been announced. The event is now set to take place from 14th December 2023. This event will surely be one of its kind and one of the biggest events to be held in Sindh. This edition includes important features as Turkish Embassy Celebrates 100th Anniversary of the Proclamation Of The Turkiye In Pakistan. Japanese Embassy In Pakistan Celebrates 69th Anniversary Of Japan’s Self Defense Forces Day, Gala Reception Held In Islamabad Embassy On Republic Day Of Kazakhstan, Diamond Direct CEO Investment Summit Islamabad 2023 Held In Serena Hotel, Romania Celebrates Its 49th Army Day. National Foundation Day Of Korea Celebrated In Islamabad. This edition also includes, Google’s Antitrust Showdown With US Could ‘Dramatically Change’ Competition, Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Wades Into India-Canada Controversy, How The Travis King Saga Relates To The North Korea-Russia Summit. It includes opinions like, Mysterious Border Protocol Signed Between Kyrgyz And Tajik Security Chiefs, Argentine Voters Express Exasperation Ahead Of Elections. India wants to take on trudeau. California governor visits china, keen to partner on climate change.

Whereas in the world of sports, ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: Can the sport finally go global? As cricket’s marquee event kicks off in India, its ambitions to spread beyond the Commonwealth are on test. Furthermore, Turkey’s Erdogan Submits Sweden’s Bid For NATO Membership To Parliament, The Strange Return of George W.Bush, A Year On, Billions In Afghan Assets Linger In Switzerland. This edition also includes, New Zealand Gets a Change Of Government. Palestine solidarity rallies around the world. Furthermore, in other development. From A Global Summit, The Belt and Road Forum has become a Venue For China’s ‘Old Friends’, After 5 Year Absence, China’s Foreign Minister Visits Washington and much more.

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Ch. Shahzad Akhtar
Chief Editor

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