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It Is my pleasure to present the November 2022 Edition for our esteemed audience across the globe.
We have dedicated this month’s title to Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev owing to the early presidential elections being held in November in the context of ongoing constitutional reforms in Kazakhstan.
Moreover, UN Chief has called for armed action in Haiti amid growing crisis, Morocco and EU has signed a deal to boost cooperation in renewable energy, Liz Truss has resigned as the Prime Minister of UK and Rishi Sunak has been selected as his successor, while Pakistan has been taken off the FATF Grey List, and Abdul Latif Rashid has been elected as the new President of Iraq.

Furthermore, President Erdogan has said that US is not the only way out for Turkey if talks on F-16 sales fail, President Aliyev has highlighted the potential of Zangezur corridor in turning Caucasus into a trade hub, while President Xi Jinping has been appointed as the Chinese President for another term, while the Biden Administration has released the National Security and National Defense Strategies, and the Astana Statement on CICA Transformation has been appointed at the occasion of the sixth CICA Summit held in Astana on 12,13 October 2022.

I would also like to congratulate Kazakhstan and Turkiye on their national days celebrations that were held in Islamabad.
This edition also contains opinions on topics including the different dimensions of the Biden Administration’s National Security Strategy 2022, Feminism in Pakistan, the Fukushima Incident, Integrated Deterrence, Implications of Iran joining the SCO, political motives between Israeli strikes on Gaza, and Kazakhstan’s role as the central Asian trade hub among other topics.
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Ch. Shahzad Akhtar
Chief Editor

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