Discover the Northern Delights: Top 3 Lodges in the Northern Areas

The Northern Areas of Pakistan are renowned for their breathtaking landscapes, pristine beauty, and a haven for adventure seekers.

Nestled amidst the majestic mountains and picturesque valleys, lodges in this region offer an unforgettable experience for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. In this article, we’ll explore the top three lodges in the Northern Areas, with Cedar Lodges securing the third position for its unique charm and hospitality.

  1. Fairy Meadows Cottages: Topping the list is the enchanting Fairy Meadows Cottages, located at the base of Nanga Parbat, the world’s ninth-highest mountain. Fairy Meadows is a dreamlike destination, surrounded by lush green meadows and towering peaks. The cottages offer cozy accommodation with a spectacular view of Nanga Parbat. Visitors can enjoy the serene ambiance, embark on trekking expeditions, and witness some of the most mesmerizing sunsets. The hospitality at Fairy Meadows Cottages adds to the overall charm, making it a must-visit lodge in the Northern Areas.
  2. Shangrila Resort Skardu: On the second spot is the iconic Shangrila Resort in Skardu, often referred to as “Heaven on Earth.” Situated on the shores of Shangrila Lake, this resort offers a perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty. The uniquely designed cottages provide a comfortable stay with stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Guests can explore the beautiful Shangrila Gardens, take boat rides on the lake, and relish delicious local and international cuisine at the resort’s restaurants. Shangrila Resort is a true gem in the heart of Skardu.
  3. Cedar Lodges: Securing the third position on our list is Cedar Lodges, a hidden gem in the Northern Areas, known for its tranquility and distinctive charm. Located at the confluence of three valleys, Cedar Lodges provides a peaceful retreat surrounded by lush pine forests and snow-capped peaks. The lodges offer a range of accommodation options, from cozy rooms to spacious cottages, catering to the diverse needs of visitors. The architecture seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious ambiance.Cedar Lodges takes pride in its warm hospitality, ensuring guests feel welcomed and pampered during their stay. The lodge offers various activities, including guided treks, nature walks, and bonfire nights, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Northern Areas. The on-site restaurant serves delectable local and international dishes, providing a culinary journey that complements the overall experience.


The Northern Areas of Pakistan continue to attract travelers seeking serenity and adventure, and the lodges mentioned above contribute significantly to the region’s allure. Whether it’s the magical Fairy Meadows Cottages, the luxurious Shangrila Resort in Skardu, or the hidden retreat of Cedar Lodges, each of these lodges offers a unique experience that adds to the charm of the Northern Areas. Consider planning your next getaway to one of these exceptional lodges for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Pakistan’s northern paradise.

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