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Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions in the form of News Reports/Opinions/Analysis are welcomed in the following categories:

    Current Affairs, Business, Diplomacy, Politics, Kashmir Affairs, Strategic Affairs, Health & Foods, Science & Technology, Opinion, Tourism, Lifestyle, Arts & Culture, Sports.

  • Length of the submission should ideally be around 800-1200 words. However, longer pieces can also be considered in special cases as per the discretion of the Editor.

  • The submission should be factually and grammatically correct, along with clarity in the written expression and argument, as so to ensure reader-friendliness and reliability of the information being presented.

  • The content of the submission should not contain any hate speech, manipulation of information, or discrimination on the basis of color, caste, creed, political or religious affiliation.

  • The submission should be in the form of a Word File (.docx format). Submissions in the form of PDF Files (.pdf format) are discouraged.

  • The submission should be accompanied by the following details along with a Picture of the author:

    Full Name, Designation, Affiliation, Email Address, Contact Number, Areas of Interest, Twitter Handle and a Brief Bio of the Author.

  • The Author needs to make sure that the same submission is not being sent to multiple publications at the same time. Moreover, we assume that any submission accepted for publication at Global Affairs will not be published elsewhere simultaneously in any form without our knowledge.

  • The Author needs to make sure that the content of the submission is original and non-plagiarized, and that the content does not infringe upon any copyrights, intellectual property, or any rights as safeguarded under the law.