The Hero of Counter-Terrorism and Fight against Islamophobia: General Qassem Soleimani

The admirable valor and courage of the commander against Takfiri and extremist groups annihilated the roots of ISIS in the region. Soleimani took an action in the circumstances where the whole region had been assaulted by ISIS and the countries were on the edge of destruction. The description of ISIL’s crimes in Iraq and Syria, including the slaughter of the men and children and the enslavement of women and girls in front of their families, could terrify any fighter. But Sardar, with his great experiences attained in the Iran-Iraq war, bravely moved into battlefields of ISIS. His struggles and courage furnished prosperity and blessing for the people around the world. Once upon a time, ISIS was involved in killing people in Europe, and the European security forces were unable to fight and control them. If Soleimani did not take an action against ISIS, today’s the destiny of the region and the world even continued in going on an ambiguous pathway.

January 3rd is the day in which General Lieutenant Qaseem Soleimani, along with several of his retinues, was attacked by a US drone led by direct order from President Donald Trump and martyred at the Bagdad airport. After this unmanly attack, Donald Trump confessed brassily and formally to be involved in this catastrophe. Aftermath he officially claimed that this assassination was implemented directly by his order. Now is the second anniversary of the assassination of this great valiant hero.


Gaesem Soleimani was the leader of the counter-terrorism and Islamophobia around the world. At a time when ISIS declared the Islamic Caliphate under the banner of “La Ilaha Illa Allah” and committed the most unprecedented crimes in the human history with the title of Islam and killed many people of Europe and America, Soleimani and his allies fought hard. He stopped the misuse of Islam and religion and Sharia, and prevented to make any negative image of Islam to have it remain infallible and free from any accusations.

We should remember that it was the very Trump who revealed and announced that Daesh is “our own” creation during the US election campaign. Soleimani was the first military commander in the world to reach the depths of high-risk fronts following the request of the Syrian and Iraqi governments. He interrupted the supporters of ISIS, and finally ended up with the decline of the ISIS’s ominous Caliphate by the liberation of Mosul, Iraq. Even according to the enemies, Soleimani is a hero in the fight against ISIS and Takfiri groups, and it was he who played a significant role in supporting the oppressed nations of the region against ISIS’s and stopped their target in occupation of the other countries.

The assassination of Sardar Soleimani was a great threat to the peace and security of the whole region and the world, because in the absence of such a veteran commander, there still remains anxiety about the regeneration of the Takfiri group of ISIS in the region. Something that is confessed and expressed by Joe Biden, the then American Senator and the actual president of USA.

The US terrorist attack to thee General is not only an example of breach of the international law and human rights, but also is an act of aggression against the sovereignty of the third country and a clear example of state terrorism. The assassination of a person who is a hero in the counter terrorism and extremism, is a contradiction that can be traced back to Trump’s statement saying we (the United States) are the creators of ISIS.

No nation like Iran and Pakistan understands the plague of terrorism to the deep of their bone. Terrorism is the common pain of these two Muslim nations, Iran and Pakistan, and a lot of blood has been shed on this path. Looking back, the peace and security we cherish now are the result of that martyrs’ sacrifices such as Sardar Qassem Soleimani’s and the 17,000 martyrs of terror in the Islamic Republic of Iran. He had an ultra-national personality, and now he’s beyond the history. His commitment to work for the human dignity, regardless of race, religion and nationality, is a crystal clear example of the humanity itself. Soleimani played an important role in supporting religious and racial minorities in Iraq and Syria and his efforts to support the oppressed against the oppressor is known to all.

The committers, supporters and assistants of this inhumane crime are to be held accountable in the court of justice. Although the Islamic Republic of Iran declared to officially use its political, legal and international capacities in order to prosecute the perpetrators of this crime, the reactions of the people all over the world including the viewpoints of the politicians, jurists and academicians already proves that the United States of America is being widely condemned before the public opinion.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are the Author’s own and do not represent the official policy of Global Affairs.

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Ambassador S.M Ali Hosseini

Written by Ambassador S.M Ali Hosseini

His Excellency Seyed Mohammed Ali Hosseini is the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan.

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