Pakistani student Zara Naeem achieves highest score in the history of ACCA

Zara Naeem Dar, an ACCA student hailing from Punjab capital city has made the whole nation proud by securing the highest total of marks in Financial Reporting exam, con- ducted in December 2020. Zara’s total grades are the maximum ever achieved, setting up a world record.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is considered one of the most difficult degrees in the world. Following completion of up to 13 professional examinations, three years of supervised, relevant accounting experience and an ethics module, it enables an individual to become a Chartered Certified Accountant. The ACCA qualification is recognized in over 179 countries worldwide and considered as the gold standard in the world of accountancy. Hence, a scholar who qualifies the ACCA examinations is considered whiz kid and embraces tons of job opportunities all over the globe.

Moreover, despite much disruption globally as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, ACCA was able to run almost 153,000 exams across the vast majority of its markets world-wide. And, among the aforementioned brains was the pride of Pakistan Zara Naeem, who not only qualified the assessments but has topped universally, shattering the previously held world record with her maximum harvested total.

Zara Naeem has credited the achievement to her supportive father, who had her back through- out. Zara’s father himself holds a master’s degree and is highly passionate to see his child doing big things for the country.

Zara stated, ‘My father is a true role model for me. I grew up seeing him reaching great heights in his military service that always inspired me to follow in his footsteps. Seeing his gold medal that he was awarded his MBA made me challenge my- self to live up to his legacy by dedicating myself fully to my studies.’

Talking about choosing ACCA courses precisely, Zara Naeem mentioned ‘ACCA was a natural choice for me. Most military families move every few years, so I always knew I needed a qualification that ensures flexibility and offers global mobility. With over 527,000 students in nearly 179 countries studying and sitting the same exams, ACCA is the best option for those who wish to go places.’

In addition to this, busting the myth that finance and accountancy is a male-dominated profession, she shared, ‘This is no longer the case. With bodies like ACCA opening access, you’ll be surprised to learn that ACCA now has a female student base of 58%, with more women than ever looking to become profession- al accountants.

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