Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi

Iran announces retaliation against the European Union

Iran has imposed retaliatory sanctions against a number of EU officials, media outlets and NGOs alleging that individuals and institutions in bloc are fueling ongoing rioting in the country.

In a statement on Wednesday, Tehran’s Foreign Ministry condemned Brussels for targeting entities in Iran with sanctions earlier this month.

It announced imposing retaliatory measures against parties that are engaged in “encouraging and inciting terrorism, violence, and hatred,” allegedly causing riots and terrorist attacks in Iran.

The list of organizations has several media outlets, including Germany’s Deutsche Welle Persian and France’s RFI Persian. Iran also sanctioned a number of NGOs, such as the French-funded International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism.

Among the individuals on the blacklist are top figures in the sanctioned organizations as well as some European officials, including MEPs, French lawmakers, and the heads of French municipalities. Tehran also imposed restrictions on two senior figures in the newsroom of the German tabloid Bild.

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