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Liberal Democrats tell Biden to Shift Ukraine Strategy

A group of 30 liberal House members wrote a letter to President Joe Biden to shift course in his Ukraine strategy and pursue direct diplomacy with Russia to bring the months-long conflict to an end.

In a letter sent to Biden on Monday, the group of 30 Democrats praise Biden’s efforts to date at supporting Ukraine while avoiding direct US involvement on the ground. But they suggest a more forceful attempt at bringing the war to an end through diplomacy is necessary to prevent a long and slogging conflict.

The letter comes at a critical moment in the war, as Russia increasingly targets civilian infrastructure with a particular focus on cutting power supplies to Ukrainian citizens ahead of winter.

In Congress, questions have grown at the willingness of lawmakers to sustain the massive financial and military support that has gone to Ukraine. Some Republicans have threatened to cut aid to the country if they take control of Congress in November.

The liberal Democrats, in their letter, say that more direct attempts at engaging Moscow in diplomacy were necessary as the war drags on.

John Kirby, the strategic communications coordinator at the National Security Council, said the White House had received the letter.

“We certainly appreciate the sentiments expressed by these members of Congress,” Kirby said.

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