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Republic Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrated with fervour, zest & zeal in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD (October 25, 2022) : The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Tuesday organized a Diplomatic Reception to celebrate the “Republic Day of Kazakhstan.”

The event was attended by the Ambassadors, Diplomats, Military Officers, Businessmen, Members and Stakeholders of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, & the Members of National Assembly of Pakistan.



In his welcoming speech, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Pakistan, H.E Yerzhan Kistafin emphasized the importance of the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The Ambassador also spoke about the history of the Republic Day of Kazakhstan and the initiatives taken by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan H.E Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

At the ceremony, Chief Guest Minister of State for Petroleum Musadik Malik said Pakistan and Kazakhstan enjoyed brotherly relations. There were tremendous opportunities that stand untapped and both countries are working to enhance trade volume and people-to-people exchanges. He also emphasized the significance of relations between Kazakhstan and Pakistan and reiterated the need to further the bilateral relations. The minister highlighted the importance of inter-regional transit and transport infrastructure development, the need for diversification, and the expansion of Kazakhstan-Pakistan trade and economic ties.

History of Republic Day:


October 25 is one of the most important dates in the history of Kazakhstan. On this day the Declaration on the State Sovereignty of the Kazakh SSR (Soviet Socialist Republic) was adopted, representing the country’s first step toward its independence.


Why is the declaration so important? 


“The declaration has become a legal basis and platform for developing and subsequently adopting the Constitutional Law on Independence of Kazakhstan in 1991. Therefore, all 17 fundamental points of the declaration were of particular importance,” explained Byrganym Aitimova – Deputy Chair of the Council of Senators


Most importantly, the document was adopted based on the will of all the people. Therefore, one of its primary tasks was to strengthen the friendship of the peoples who live in the country.


“It should be noted that protection of human rights was above the provision of other state norms and governance,” she noted.


The document established the fundamental principles of sovereignty – unitary state, integrity, indivisibility and inviolability of its territory, revival and development of culture, traditions, the language and strengthening of national identity, legal equality and equal opportunities for representatives of all nations and nationalities, political pluralism and other principles.


The state power was divided into legislative, executive, and judicial powers. The President had supreme administrative-executive power.


All the declaration’s provisions are now reflected in the norms and principles of the Constitution of Kazakhstan, constitutional laws, and other legal norms.


The declaration also determined that nuclear weapon tests and the use of other weapons of mass destruction are prohibited on the territory of Kazakhstan.


“At that time, our people found out that nuclear weapon tests were carried out not only at the Semipalatinsk test site, but there were dozens of other test sites on the territory of Kazakhstan. The declaration prohibited both the construction and test of weapons. We came with this intention and wanted to integrate into a peaceful world community,” said Aitimova.


Aitimova noted that the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is also a unique institution established in the country.


The declaration outlines that the Kazakh SSR has the right to act as an independent entity in international relations, determine foreign policy in the national interest, have and open diplomatic and consular missions and participate in the activities of international organizations, including the United Nations and other agencies.


“There has not yet been an independent country, but the declaration has already determined that Kazakhstan has the sovereign right to act independently. Therefore, we are a responsible and full member of the UN,” she said.


The fact that Kazakhstan banned nuclear weapon tests contributed to the country’s accession to the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member by a majority vote, according to Aitimova. “Participation in the activities of the UN Security Council was a kind of test for our foreign policy and it was trust and recognition that our country supports peaceful coexistence.”

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