Punjab Assembly demands action against PM Shehbaz under Article 6

Punjab Assembly demands action against PM Shehbaz under Article 6

Adopts resolutions against PM, federal ministers.

LAHORE    –   Amid strong protest from the Opposition, Punjab Assembly on Monday passed a resolution against Prime Minister Sheh­baz Sharif demanding action against him under Article 6 of the Constitution for his alleged consultation with Mian Nawaz Sharif in London over the ap­pointment of a new army chief.

The resolution was tabled in the house by Provincial Min­ister for Parliamentary Affairs Raja Basharat. According to the resolution passed with major­ity vote, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif consulted a court fugitive in London on sensitive national issues including appointment of the Army Chief. “The prime minister’s oath prevents him from sharing sensitive matters with an unrelated person. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif himself is an accused in many cases. By taking this step, the Prime Min­ister of an imported government was found guilty of violating the constitutional provisions of Ar­ticle 5 and 6”, stated the resolu­tion. “Therefore, action should be taken against the Prime Min­ister under Article 5 and 6.

Raja Basharat also read out the constitutional oath for the Prime Minister in the House. During his speech, Raja an­nounced that apart from the resolution, he will take further steps to take action against She­hbaz Sharif under the constitu­tion. He expressed his surprise that prime minister met a fugi­tive in the London flat which was mentioned in the Panama scandal and a case was also made against him. The Opposi­tion members shouted slogans against the PTI government for passing the resolution against a sitting prime minister.

Also, the assembly adopted a resolution against Federal Min­ister Javed Latif for his alleged hateful speech against PTI chief Imran Khan. After suspension of the, Provincial Interior Minister Hashim Dogar presented a reso­lution against holding a hateful press conference against Imran Khan by federal ministers Marri­yum Aurangzeb, Javed Latif and MD Pakistan Television.

“This House strongly con­demns use of religious cards in politics. If there is any harm to Imran Khan, Javed Latif, Marri­yum Aurangzeb and PTV officials will be responsible for it”, said the resolution. Speaking on this occasion, Speaker Mohammad Sabatin Khan said that no hateful speech should be made. “If some­one does so, he will not be a sup­porter of the country”, he added.

Also, Provincial Minister Ali Afzal Sahi presented a resolu­tion condemning the raid on Senator Saifullah Niazi’s house. The resolution said that the House of Punjab Assembly strongly condemns the illegal raid on the house of PTI Sena­tor Saifullah Niazi by the FIA. The resolution said that it was noteworthy that no female of­ficial accompanied the FIA team during the raid. “This House de­mands that legal action be taken against those involved in this regard”. Also, Speaker Moham­mad Sabtain Khan established a two-member committee in Pun­jab Assembly and Iqbal House to deal with separate meetings and their expenses. Provincial Min­ister for Parliamentary Affairs Muhammad Basharat Raja and PML-N Chief Whip Khalil Tahir Sindhu were appointed as mem­bers of the committee. Provin­cial Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Muhammad Basharat Raja presented the annual re­ports of Ombudsman Punjab for the year 2018 and 2020 in the House. Later, the Speaker ad­journed the sitting till Septem­ber 21 at 3pm (Wednesday).

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