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China’s top diplomat calls for new journey of peaceful coexistence with US

China’s top diplomat calls for new journey of peaceful coexistence with US

Acknowledging that bilateral relations between Beijing and Washington have suffered setbacks, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called for a “new journey” of peaceful coexistence with the US.

As the two countries commemorate the 50th anniversary of former US President Richard Nixon’s first visit to China and the signing of the Shanghai Communique, Wang said in a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry that “it is an important year for us to review experience and embark on a new journey.”

He, however, said there are “fewer certainties and more uncertainties in the prospects of China-US relations.”

Wang made the comments during a late-Monday meeting with representatives of the National Committee on US-China Relations, the US-China Business Council, and the US Chamber of Commerce in New York, where he is attending high-level meetings at the UN in addition to the annual session of the General Assembly.

It is the Chinese side’s first high-level visit to the US since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan on an unannounced trip last month, triggering tensions across the Taiwan Strait.

There is no public schedule of Wang’s official engagements with US officials.

The Chinese diplomat, however, met with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, calling him an “old friend and good friend of the Chinese people, who has made historic contributions to the establishment and development of China-US relations.”

“We must maintain the political foundation of China-US relations and the US side, in particular, should truly abide by the one-China principle,” he told the American business representatives.

 ‘China a beneficiary of current international system’ 

Wang Yi said the world today is “far from tranquil” as the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over and the Ukraine crisis “keeps flaring up.”

“China-US Relations hit the most severe setbacks since the establishment of diplomatic relations,” he added.

Despite worries that China and the US may “fall into a new Cold War” era, Wang assured the American business representatives: “China’s policy toward the US is certain.”

“The key is for the US to reinstate a reasonable and pragmatic policy toward China as soon as possible,” Wang said, referring to President Joe Biden’s “five noes,” which include opposing a “new Cold War” era and no support “Taiwan independence.”

Stressing President Xi Jinping’s three principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation in relation to the US, Wang said China wants “more addition rather than subtraction” in trade and economic cooperation with the US.

“We should accommodate each other’s concerns through dialogue and consultation rather than confrontation and coercion,” he added.

The top Chinese diplomat reiterated Beijing’s resolve to “further advance reform and opening-up.”

“China will continue to deepen reform, expand opening-up, develop a new system of opening-up at a higher standard, build an open world economy, and continue to advance economic globalization,” he added.


Expressing China’s readiness to engage in multilateral coordination with the US, the foreign minister said the two countries “can accomplish many great things through cooperation for the benefit of both countries and the world.”

Wang slammed those who accuse Beijing of “challenging the current international system,” asserting that China is “a founder and beneficiary of the current international system.”

“There’s no need at all for us to start anything anew. What China opposes and resists are unilateral bullying and the Cold War mentality,” he clarified.

“China and the US should jointly abide by the basic norms governing international relations based on the UN Charter and universally recognized international law,” he added.  ​​​​​​​

Wang-Kissinger meeting 

During his meeting with Kissinger, Wang said China and the US should take a “serious review of the valuable experience in the 50 years of exchanges.”

However, he said the US “has run in the opposite direction” viz-a-viz bilateral relations.

“The US, out of a wrong perception of China, insists on viewing China as its most prominent rival and a long-term challenger,” he said.

“An outbreak of a new Cold War will be a disaster for China and the US, as well as other parts of the world,” the top diplomat warned.

“The US should adopt a rational and pragmatic policy towards China, return to the right track of the three China-US joint communique, and safeguard the political foundation of China-US relations,” he added.

According to the Chinese side, Kissinger said the “extreme importance of the Taiwan question to China should be fully recognized, and the US and China need dialogue rather than confrontation and should build a bilateral relationship of peaceful coexistence.”


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