Real Estate is one of the mainstays of a Nation’s economy, and it has been a versatile, thriving and growing sector in Pakistan. The projection of Real Estate market potential of Pakistan, to the overseas communities attracts potential buyers and investors from the overseas communities, to bring Foreign Direct Investments in Pakistan contributing heavily towards the development of Real Estate Sector in Pakistan.

Why POREF (An opportunity you can’t miss!!)

Majority of Overseas Pakistanis prefer investing their hard-earned money back in their homeland because they believe one day, they will have to come back to Pakistan, and what can be a better opportunity than the real estate sector? Most of the high-end residential societies in major cities like Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore provide a luxurious lifestyle equipped with amenities of international standard. The multi-dimensional forum will hold a one-week promotional activity for the Real Estate stakeholders of Pakistan by arranging Road- shows in countries like the US, UK, and CANADA that could enhance and can create a viable impact of the Real Estate industry of Pakistan. POREF will provide an opportunity to the overseas investors to in- vest in the Real Estate sector of Pakistan. The entire delegation from the Real Estate sector of Pakistan will be part of this activity making ways to potential countries, attracting investors and promoting their projects.

Real Estate by 2021

“The government is coming up with some regulations; plus security and safety is improving, so prices are going up as a result. Hence, it’s the right time to invest in Pakistan and the returns are very good ” Says Ahmed Shaikhani, President, Association of Builders & Developers of Pakistan.

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