The Traitors mentioned in EU Disinfo Lab report should be brought back and punished for defaming Pakistan

Dr. Irfan Ashraf, General Secretary Tehreek e Jawanan Pakistan and Kashmir, conducted a press conference at Muzaffarabad Press Club.

On the occasion, President Muzaffarabad Press Club Waseem Khan Parwana welcomed him. He termed the report of EU Disinfo Lab as eye-opening, and this impartial report exposed India’s conspiracy to defame Pakistan. He strongly condemned various characters and organizations, including Shaukat Kashmiri, in the report and demanded that those who facilitate the Indian agency RAW should be brought back to the country and punished. This report exposed the ugly face of India to the world. It is the duty of the international community to thwart the Indian agency RAW’s attempt to undermine Pakistan’s integrity. This long-running organized network has sought to inflict irreparable economic, political, and defense damage on Pakistan. This is an international crime, and the United Nations must take action against it. He further said that Kashmir and Pakistan’s future is interlinked and Kashmiris are the first line of defense of Pakistan. The government of Azad Kashmir should play its role in eradicating the unrest and uncertainty among the Kashmiri youth, and the menaces of communalism, nepotism, and regionalism need to be shattered. Tehreek-e-Jawanaan Pakistan and Kashmir demand unbiased accountability for corruption in the last ten years of the governments of AJK. The present PML-N has failed to provide relief to the people. He said that Tehreek-e-Jawanaan Pakistan and Kashmir is a popular party of youth, and we will take a full part in the upcoming elections in Azad Kashmir and represent the youth on merit. Young people who make up 65 percent of our population can bring about a revolution, so they need to be represented in every institution according to their proportions. India wants to ignite sectarian riots in Pakistan under an organized conspiracy and Fifth Generation Warfare for weakening Pakistan. There is also a conspiracy of India in martyring the Hazara brothers, and we share in the grief of the Hazara brothers. He further said that Tehreek e Jawanan e Pakistan and Kashmir would liberate the youth from the atmosphere of communalism and sectarian political hatred, and we will stand together as a nation to play our role to strengthen and prosper Pakistan.

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