US Capitol Attack and its Repercussions for the US Democracy

An event that recently occurred in the United States shook the foundations of the world’s largest democracy. The protest in support of Ex-President Donald Trump turned horrific when thousands of demonstrators attacked the US Capitol building.

Simultaneously, Senate was ready to officially declare the Biden’s electoral victory over Donald Trump. The rally was mobilized by Donald Trump, in which thousands of his supporters took part in Washington, in support of his contention that the 2020 US election had been “stolen” from him, and it has been rigged. The primary demand of Donald Trump and his supporters included the rejection of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. The rally in support of Donald Trump began on the afternoon. It was named the “Save America” rally and started from Ellipse (a park near the White House), where Donald Trump urged his supporters to march to Capitol Hill, where Congress convened a meeting to endorse Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States of America. Initially, it was expected that it would be a peaceful protest, but things got violent when Trump supporters clashed with police and security forces as they pushed the obstructions to storm the Capitol building. Supporters of President Donald Trump even climbed on walls at the US Capitol during the protest to enter the premises in order to stop the proceedings.

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