Islamabad Bids Farewell to Kaavan the Elephant

The citizens of Islamabad organized a farewell party for Kaavan the elephant as the city gears up for his departure to an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia in the coming days. The star studded event was attended by multiple celebrities including Haroon, Natasha Baig, Khumaariyan and Arieb Azhar.

The event featured speeches from animal activists involved in his campaign as well as live performances by Natasha Baig, Khumaariyan and Arieb Azhar. It was a festive occasion to honor Kaavan’s three decades of service at the Islamabad Zoo as he embarks on a new chapter in his life. Kaavan’s retirement from the Islamabad Zoo comes after a long campaign for his freedom by both local and international animal activists. Kaavan was brought to Pakistan in 1985 as a Presidential gift from the Sri Lankan government. In 2002, he was put in chains by the Zoo administration on account of aggressive behaviours but was later unchained due to public outcry. In May of this year, the Islamabad High Court issued a ruling for Kaavan to be set free and a ‘suitable sanctuary’ to be found for his resettlement. Since then various civil society partners and volunteers have joined in his rehabilitation efforts. Mr. Malik Amin Aslam Khan, Special Assistant to Prime Minister and Federal Minister For Climate Change was present at the event. In his speech, he noted, ‘[Kaavan] will leave us on the 29th [of November] but I am happy that he will spend the rest of his years with his herd.
Our hope is to give him the same happiness that he has given us all these years’.

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